Frank Zappa

The coming of another Frank Zappa would no doubt signify the end of times, as there will only ever be one Frank Zappa. Composing songs running the gamut from pop, rock, funk, jazz, fusion and everything in between, Frank Zappa’s strong, zany vocal style combined with his mind-blowing guitar mastery, floored, inspired, and downright frightened listeners across the globe with its unabashed artistic purity. Surrounding himself with only the best musicians the world offered, Zappa’s various incarnations and self-reinventions offered endlessly original and excitingly cutting-edge sonic mastery for fans to delight in and marvel over for 30 years of relentless musical boundary destruction. Gone far too soon, the spirit of Zappa ever thrives in the hearts of musicians across the world whose dedication to musical mastery and artistic integrity lacks any notion of limits